Get A Digital Download Of ELEVENTEEN’s Twelve Original Tracks Right Here, Right Now….. For Just £5.00!

As Dave Grohl once said, “I thought their ‘Eleventeen’ album was wonderful!”

1. You Be My Friend
2. Hope Your Dreams Come True
3. Love Your Money
4. Pink Flower
5. Waiting For The Wolves

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Buzzsaw Records is pleased to present the original ELEVENTEEN by the legendary Daisy Chainsaw.

“Even now, more than two decades on from its release, ELEVENTEEN has a feral, supernatural energy. It’s rife with the charged chaos that alt rock bands so often strive to summon up.  The rabid You Be My Friend, Pink Flower‘s crashy punk ride and the monstrous, stoned shoegaze of Waiting For The Wolves can’t be bested. These savage, delirious songs are portals to an era that happened not just in the faraway ‘burbs of Seattle, but in grey, dirty Blighty.” – Charlotte Richardson Andrews,

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